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Whilst Green Sun Solutions can offer a vast array of Solar Power Systems, we have highlighted certain systems that offer the best value to the client in terms of return on investment (ROI), value for money, and equipment assurance (warranties)


Engineered in Germany

Q CELLS is one of the world´s largest and most recognized photovoltaic manufacturers for its high-quality, high-efficiency solar cells and modules.

Q CELLS solar panels combine the best features of all known cell technologies to achieve high performance levels at low cost of electricity (LCOE). This advanced technology ensures Q CELLS solar modules achieve maximum luminous efficiency under real, day to day conditions, even under cloudy skies


  • Q.Antum Technology: Low levelized cost of electricity. Higher yield per surface area and lower BOS costs and higher power classes and an efficiency rate of up to 17.1 %.
  • Innovative all-weather technology. Optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behaviour.
  • Enduring high performance. Long-term yield security with Anti-PID Technology1, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™.


A World Leader in Smart Energy Technology


  • Harvest up to 25% more energy from each panel
  • Constant feedback on the performance of each panel
  • Designed to automatically shut down each panel for maximum safety in case of an emergency
  • Solar Edge solution is more flexible
  • Can fit more panels in a given space
  • Allows connection of much longer strings, thus reducing the number of strings per system which significantly reduces ‘balance of system’ costs
  • Panel level safety systems to protect installers, maintenance crews and fire fighters
  • Software provided with Solar Edge systems perpetually monitor output and provides fault logs, emails incase of faults and output statistics.
  • Real time performance viewing of system output
  • Assistance will be provided towards system software usage


  • Responsible only for DC to AC conversion, as all other functions are handled separately for each panel by the power optimizers
  • Small and aesthetic
  • Available with 3G SIM card pre-installed
  • Full visibility of system performance (Cloud based, accessible from any PC or hand held device)
  • Immediate fault detection, comprehensive analysis of performance & remote troubleshooting

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. By leveraging world-class engineering capabilities and with a relentless focus on innovation, SolarEdge creates smart energy solutions that power our lives and drive future progress.

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