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Green Sun Solar

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Green Sun Solar is a small family run business. This means that the person coming to your home is me and not a salesperson that quite frankly doesn't care about what is right for your particular circumstances and all that matters is a sale. click here to find out more about us

Solar Packages

Green Sun Solar

Solar Packages

A typical Australian house consumes around 18 kilowatt hours (kWh) or (Units) per day so a 1-2kW system displaces an average of 25-40% of your average electricity bill. Solar panels produce more energy in summer than they do in winter click here to find out more.

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Green Sun Solar

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We pride ourselves in being the local solar installer for your area, so if you live in Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour, Golden Bay, Singleton, Warnboro, Lakelands, Meadow Springs, Waikikki, Rockingham, Mandurah or Dawesville areas we are happy to hear from you. click here to get in touch

Solar Power Systems Perth, Western Australia

Solar Panels from Green Sun Solar Green Sun Solar is a leading supplier and installer of solar PV systems. Located in Rockingham, we are your local solar specialists servicing the Perth area from Dawesville to Canning Vale. If you want to change to an eco-friendly lifestyle, look no further than Green Sun Solar to make the switch to solar power. We have various packages and pricing options available to suit your requirements but one thing remains the same, our commitment to providing a good quality, high-performance product. Finding the right solar panel system for you can be difficult and stressful, which why we try to make the process as simple as possible by visiting each property ourselves to get the correct information. As premium solar panel suppliers and installers, we consider the following points for each client:
  • How many units do you currently use?
  • What percentage of your bill would you like to offset?
  • Is the roof area large enough for the size of solar PV system you require and is it facing the right direction for maximum optimisation?
We prefer dealing with our clients face to face for a better indication of what is required. As a family-operated business, we realise the importance of understanding and respect, which is why we encourage you to ask as many questions about solar power systems as possible to guarantee a valuable and productive experience.

Solar power panels

An effective, inexpensive way to start living a greener lifestyle is to install solar power panels at your home or business to source the power for a portion or all of your electrical appliances. Each panel comprises of solar cells that convert sunlight to power using the photovoltaic process. Panels can emit varied amounts of power, from 120 to 320 watts. Depending on your requirements, we can find a solar power system that will suit your lifestyle. Whether it is for your home or business, you will experience a huge saving on your electricity bill at the end of each month, and you will be contributing to the drive for eco-friendly living.

Solar power inverters

The brain in all solar power systems is the inverter. All photovoltaic-powered systems use the solar inverter to covert the current generated by the panel into useable alternating current (AC). This component is necessary to use everyday electrical equipment and appliances such as microwaves and lawnmowers. We have a variety of solar inverters suitable for residential, commercial and industrial.

Solar hot water systems

One of the simplest forms of using solar power is in a hot water system. A conventional hot water heater contributes to a large amount to your electricity bill. With a solar water heater, you will be able to use hot water at the same temperature you are used to. Enjoy this heated water throughout your home or business, free of charge, courtesy of the sun.

Solar power with battery backup

A battery backup system for your solar power is an innovation that everyone can benefit from. This allows you to store sunlight power, which is generated during the daytime. You can then use this secondary power at a later stage in case of power failure, on cloudy days or throughout the night in the unlikelihood that your primary system has not gathered enough power. Contact Green Sun Solar for a variety of solar power systems, inverters and battery backups.
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